Little life warms my heart


Little life warms my heart

You appeared when my life was at its lowest, and you let me relive my life. Although you are not my own child, in my mind, you have no difference with my pregnancy in October.

銆€銆€Now think about it, it is a coincidence that the adoption of the small one is a chance.

At that time, I was experiencing an emotional catastrophe.

銆€銆€Why is pain always coming in with happiness – when I carefully arranged a new house and eagerly waited for Zulin to end my work in Singapore and return to Shanghai to marry, I became an e-mail and completely shattered my bride’s dream.

銆€銆€Just after Christmas 2001, I accidentally received an email from a strange address, written by a woman, and told me about my boyfriend Zulin.

銆€銆€I am a person with deep feelings, and Zulin is my first love.

At that time, he pursued me very hard, because his family background is not ordinary people, so I am more cautious.

After determining the relationship, my feelings of occupation are also much more.

銆€銆€I know some of the affair before he fell in love with me, but I have never pursued it. I always think that it was before I appeared, and there is no need to care too much.

This time, I always have an ominous premonition.

銆€銆€I went to the appointed place and saw the girl who sent me an email.

This girl who looks pretty and beautiful told me that she has been in love with Zulin for half a year.

She was afraid that I didn’t believe it. She also showed me the photos of relatives she and Zulin at Christmas, and then told me very seriously that this kind of man is not worthy of my love, nor worthy of her love.

銆€銆€I asked her how to know the way I contacted. She said that she had deciphered the password of Zulin’s email and knew that the man who had vowed to her had a fiancee who was about to get married.

She was not willing to be deceived, and deliberately came to Shanghai from Singapore to find me, to expose the true face of this man.

銆€銆€I am embarrassed, but still driven by self-esteem.

I told her that I knew more about Zulin than she did, and I hinted that the engagement diamond ring on the ring finger of my left hand was slightly lifted.

銆€銆€I don’t know how it was lost to my home. The feeling of near numbness lasted for a long time. When I woke up, I found that my lips were bitten out of the blood.

銆€銆€The ancestors returned to China to confess.

I want to give up when I think of his passion for swelling on that girl, the intimate contact of his body, and the thought that the same familiar movements happened to me and her.

I know that such a shadow makes me destined to forgive this man in this life.

銆€銆€Suddenly, I feel that the outlook on life and love seems to be completely overthrown. I even thought about suicide.

銆€銆€In this state, I can’t continue working, so I gave up the necessary and generous work in Shanghai and returned to Hangzhou.

銆€銆€Little is just entering my life at this time.

銆€銆€Now I want to come, I am in an extremely unbalanced state: I think I will probably be old.

Just a little appeared.

銆€銆€It was my sister who took her to my arms. When I saw this abandoned baby, my heart was sour.

銆€銆€For the little ones, I always feel the same kind of life: I was betrayed by the person I loved, she was abandoned by her biological mother, and she was all the same.

At that moment, I decided: I want to live with her, no one hurts, I hurt her.

銆€銆€She stayed in my life like this.

銆€銆€I have to admit that between that thought, I really did not think about the consequences of adopting a little girl.

Maybe it’s changed today, I will consider correcting it, but I am in such a situation, but I decided to leave the child.

銆€銆€I took my little home and the first one was blocked from my parents.

My parents are very traditional and old-fashioned elders, especially my father.

My father gave me a sigh of relief, and then the teacup on his hand slammed into the ground: “You are not crazy enough!”

“Sit in the chair and pant.”

銆€銆€The mother came over and patted the little scared and scared. Wen Wen softly said: “Quiet, not a parent, no one, you are a girl, with a little girl, what is going on?

In case there are gossips and gossips, how hard is it to hear?Besides, raising a small child is not an easy task. You see that your father is mad at it, send the child away, and regret with your dad.” Although it is soft, it is alreadyThere is a warning.

銆€銆€The father shouted again: “If you want to leave her, don’t enter this house!”

“A turn of the sky, as if people all over the world have turned away from me, first the fianc茅, then my parents. I am the most valued person in the world can not tolerate me!

I only feel that I am as lonely as a crying child in my arms.

A bite, I am good at getting out of the house.

銆€銆€My mother called my name behind me, I didn’t look back.

銆€銆€I am full of embarrassment and suffering, and I only go forward step by step.

It is common in movies that the weather of a single mother who has children leaving is always violent, but in reality it is cold.

While walking, I thought: I must raise her. If the two girls can’t live, they will have her own self-sufficiency in the lake. At that time, the mood is really too decisive.

I didn’t have the soul to recognize that she walked round and round on the lakeside until the cry of the child woke me up.

Although I have never had a child, I took my sister’s child. I know that she is hungry and has the right to go to the nearest store, buy milk powder, a bottle and some small clothes, and find a hotel to stay.

銆€銆€My sister found me the next day, and accepted me and her little family. The mother sometimes secretly came to see us.

銆€銆€The child was very embarrassed, no one hugged her, she was lying alone in the cradle; teasing her, she grinned.

I always feel so sad that such a small child is so sensible because he knows his fate in meditation.

銆€銆€Xiao Xiao is really very close to me.

My mother said that Xiaoxiao was very similar to me when I was a child. It was like a white face, a sloppy eye, and a very small person.

銆€銆€When my father came to my sister’s house, it was already two months later.

My sister held the child in her arms and teased her to play.

At this time, the water in the kitchen opened, and the sister deliberately put the child into his father’s arms.

I watched my father stiffen, and the little eyes stared at his father, not afraid of life, giggling, his father always has a silky expression on his serious body: “This child, you see this child, really Amoy.” When Xiaoxiao officially entered our life, I had a fever to consider other things.

The master’s thesis defense passed smoothly. I don’t think I want to find a teacher position in a middle school not far from home, in order to have a stable income to raise the child.

銆€銆€I can’t forget the fact that I was called my mother for the first time.

At that time, the little one was almost one year old, and it was not so much.

That time she was sick, I hugged her to the hospital. When the nurse gave her an injection, she was sorely crying. The nurse was still a raw hand. When she didn’t make it, she whipped up a big bag and had to pull it out and tie it again.

The little crying was flushed and shouting with a small hand: “Mom.Mom.” Although it was a vague voice, I could hear it clearly. It was the first time she called my mother!

The tears I endured with tears finally flowed out.

銆€銆€At that moment, I only think that this life can no longer be separated from this child.

銆€銆€Adoption is small, the pressure comes from my parents, my friends, and even my mentor.

After I took the children back, they advised me that it is not so easy to adopt a child. In addition to the financial burden, I have to worry about her future growth problems.

The child is not a small pet, give her a meal, wear it for her, and tease her to play.

To be serious, you have to be responsible for her life.

銆€銆€My tutor asked me more than once: “What if a small parent-child parent happens one day and asks her to go back?”

Honestly, I am also worried about this matter.

Kittens, puppies will have feelings for a long time, let alone a lovely child.

The little one grew up day by day, fearing that her fear of leaving me will increase day by day.

I can’t imagine how the little biological parents would find her to go back.

銆€銆€How can I be willing to give up this child?

She appeared when my life was at its lowest, and she let me rekindle and live. Although she is not my own child, in my mind, she has no difference with my pregnancy in October.

銆€銆€I also know that it is not enough to raise a child with love. She also needs a normal family, mother and father.

I even thought that for this child, I would not be very annoying to find one in the future, but I can love a small man to marry.After all, the little one needs a father.