The god of exercise

The god of exercise

In fact, the entertainment industry is greedy for male gods, and Heavenly King has his own exercise weapon, whether it is in diet or practice.

Let’s see if there is any way for them to match with you. Practicing with idols may be beyond motivation.

“The universe is the strongest” Donnie Yen may have a good background. He has been making action movies, and his body has always maintained his condition. Donnie Yen goes to the gym twice a week. He is also very self-made in his diet.Irritating and cold food.

Eat less and eat more, eat 5 meals a day, the proportion of each meal to the whole day, breakfast 20%, snacks 10%, lunch 30%, snacks 10%, dinner 30%.

After exercise, the body produces a large amount of lactic acid, phosphoric acid and other acidic substances, which can easily cause muscle soreness and mental fatigue. By adding vegetables, sweet potatoes, apple fruits and other alkaline foods to maintain the body’s acid-base balance.

Eight-pack Abs Zhou Dong Zhou has eight abs, which is admirable. Jay Chou said, “Brother does not train muscles, but perseverance.

“There are 300 sit-ups a day, there are two fitness coaches (this average person can’t afford it), and strict diet control, less oil and less salt.

The drink is sugar-free.

Soy milk is often consumed during fitness to supplement protein.

Huang Xiaoming loves running. Huang Xiaoming insists on hard exercise every day, aerobic exercise for at least an hour a day, and then practice various equipment.

Huang Xiaoming has a soft spot for running. He believes that aerobic exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance physical fitness, and consume a lot of calories to maintain body.

Huang Xiaoming ‘s pectoral muscle lines are very beautiful. Huang Xiaoming ‘s experience is that “the pectoral muscle lines are mainly based on dumbbells, raising fists, supporting parallel bars, practicing flat, and practicing the pecs.

“He will carry a pair of overweight dumbbells with him and practice them whenever he has time.

I usually do push-ups, dumbbells and other exercises on weekdays.

Before “Economy Hao” Zheng Yijian exercised, he usually ordered a cup of frozen pearl milk tea and a Hainanese chicken rice. The chicken rice must be degreased and not skinned.

His fitness coach will not arrange too much strength exercise, but will do more aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and so on.

In terms of dietary regulations, do not eat greasy fried things and desserts.

Do not eat starch (starchy foods) after five o’clock.

Entertainer fitness coach: Attention, these action stars don’t do fitness!

● The tablet support fitness instructor specially advised that if he wanted to practice the mermaid line, the tablet support would definitely be useless and useless at all. Don’t be fooled by Weibo.

“Why do everyone pursue this way?

My personal understanding is that many people cannot do squats.

But tablet supports everyone can do, easy to learn, so it is easy to get popular and play.

But the effect is really average, it just makes your endurance and core better.

The exercise of abdominal muscles depends on the movement of abdominal cramps. How can the abdominal muscles grow without flat support?

Artists come to our house to do things that have no effect.

“Inverted sit-ups” This action was popular in American prisons in the 1970s.

There were no equipment at that time, and many people hung themselves on the horizontal bars, doing sit-ups on the parallel bars.

This allows the blood to return, which can cause dizziness and danger.

Now that technology is so developed and there are many devices, do you still need to do this?

Many people like to do this because they have n’t practiced the move in this way, or because of psychological factors. They do n’t have a complete understanding, and even blindly pursue it without knowing the result.

“● Aerobics” There is no problem with aerobics, but aerobics only enhances strength training and vital capacity, and reaches physical energy consumption.

But it did not strengthen the muscles.

Generally, ten minutes, twenty minutes before training, and ten minutes, twenty minutes, and forty minutes after training are enough!

We should spend more time on strength training and muscle lines. This is what we need most, and we must seize the point!