There is a knack to resign and learn to speak to the boss

There is a knack to resign and learn to speak to the boss

The modern workplace is changing, and a career no less than 10,000 people cross the canoe bridge. I believe that many people still remember the difficult process of finding a job even years later.

In fact, it is not easy to find a job.

However, for those brothers and sisters who are running around in high-rise buildings all day long and holding “paper rice bowls”, resignation is actually an unclear topic.

  When you resign, you have difficulty speaking up and feel that you can’t bear the cultivation of your boss; or you leave with anger and don’t give the company a chance to breathe; or you simply wave your sleeves and take away your business information.

If you were to resign, how would you talk to your boss?

Knock at the boss’ door and say directly to him or give him a white shirt?

When you want to go and stay, you are inadvertently showing the human world.

Resolutely determined type A: Some Chinese saying is “no grandfather here, own grandfather’s place”. In the resigning army, a small number of people in total can do “waving their sleeves and not taking away a cloud”Free and easy.

Such staff usually have confidence in themselves and think that gold always shines.

  B: When I resigned for the last time, I said something to the boss: Give me 3 million, I will re-create a company, and it will be more profitable than running this company.

  My last boss was a returnee, he vaguely said: you are too young.

  After that, I didn’t say anything. I left and the resignation dialogue was just that, very simple!

  C: Indeed, my resignation experience really made me feel very . The unit sent me to the branch to be a financial manager and I ran before the probation period. As a result, the headquarters sent someone to look for it at home and contacted me everywhere.Sorry, but the relationship with the president of the company is still very good.

  D: When resigning, there are always many considerations. Once it is decided, there is no turning back to open the bow, and the eight horses cannot pull back.

Kindness A: Boss, sorry, I have worked hard for so long in the company. This is what you see, but I feel that my ability is very limited and I am tired. This industry is no longer suitable for me, so I want to leave.Sorry.

This is my letter of resignation, and I hope you will approve it. I will complete the transfer in a week.

I just can’t come tomorrow!

It’s that simple!

Pipeline type A: My original company had a complete process for handling the termination process. There was not much room for free play. It was to go to the HR to receive the form after filling in with the minister, and then fill out the form. HR would contact you. After that, it was the institute.The long-term signature, then the general manager or vice president of the business department, and then specific matters such as insurance, salary, liquidated damages, files, and finally a certificate of departure.

  B: If I offered to resign, in general, I wouldn’t have any uncomfortable feelings. I would submit my resignation directly.

If I were fired by my boss, I would have many, many ideas, and then summarize the reasons for the failure, but for so long, the previous boss seems to be my friend.

  C: When I resigned, the company was both hard and soft. I hope I can stay, find the original department leader to do my ideological work, and promised to transfer me to a better position in the company. Later, he simply said that he would pay a penalty if he left.All used.

But my temper is very stingy, the more you do this, the more I have to go, and there are also many rumors in the company at that time. Some people say that I have to find a very good job before leaving, in fact I was really at homeI was unemployed for a Wednesday.

Personality is destiny. The arrogance and kindness in my bones cannot be changed.

  D: It seems to be going well. After working for a year, everyone is very good to me, and even reluctantly.

But thinking about the future, I still grit my teeth and say goodbye!

Difficult to type A: It’s hard for the first time.

The company treats me well.

It took four months to submit four resignations when he resigned.

  A bit reluctant.

  B: I took two months of leave first, and announced my resignation after the expiration.

HR retained it and agreed.

In fact, HR also knows what I have been doing for two months, and everyone knows it well.

When the old “resignation” veteran resigned for the first time, I only said one word to the director: “I really want to work well, but now I feel that I have only found half a job.

“So I left.

  The second resignation was because I felt the company was no longer sustainable and left wisely.

  On the other two occasions, when I was interested, my boss helped me find a better company and gave me unexpected opportunities.

Leaving, of course, will still keep in touch, always get some pointers from them.  I remember the previous boss and told me “Since you can’t keep you here, I might as well help you. The girl has grown up and can’t keep it, so let’s go .” I think it’s interesting now.