How do acne skin care properly


How do acne skin care properly

Patients with acne have a stronger secretion of sebaceous glands than ordinary people, so it is often repeated all day long, and it is not enough to wash their face once a day; but the four seasons in Taiwan are clear, and the climate has become more and more extreme in recent years, so many acne patients have reached winterFrequent appearances in winter, not only the acne grows, but also accompanied by peeling of the face, flushing, irritation, any skin care products or topical medicine rubbed all over the body is stinging.

A detailed study of the causes is often caused by incorrect patient care concepts or incorrect use of care products.

  Although patients with acne have a stronger sebaceous gland secretion than ordinary people, the amount of sebaceous gland oil secretion decreases as the average person decreases in winter and winter. At this time, if the cleansing power in summer is just cleansing milk, continue to use it in winter., It is very likely that the skin oil on the face will be washed too cleanly, which will cause peeling or tightness. In addition, people with acne often think that their face is very oily, so they dare not rub the moisturizing products, and lose their make-up.The chance of facial oil and moisture, so that the oil and moisture of the shells are not washed every day. After a few cycles, the stratum corneum will be too dry and sensitive, so if you want to use some skin care products or medicine in the future, it will be very stinging orUncomfortable.

  Switch to products with milder cleaning power. Most people know that skin care products need to change seasons. Of course, acne patients are the same, but some acne patients have preconceived misconceptions, and they hate the oil on the face, so they clean and control the oil regardless of the season., Reducing oil output, the result is frequent facial conditions; in fact, acne patients should also change different climates, choose a maintenance method that suits them, rather than just trying to fight against facial oils.

  In summer, as long as the cleansing power of the face wash is not excessive, only clean the face without rubbing the lotion, there is little chance of problems, but in winter, you should consider switching to a milder cleansing product and feel clean after washing.No residue, no peeling or tautness, is the suitable product. In addition, a high moisturizing cream with flour should be prepared for absorption; the weather is dry and cold or indoor heating, oven, all-weather dehumidification equipment, the atmosphereThe moisture content of the skin is reduced, and the moisture in the skin is easily lost. Therefore, when necessary, wet-pack products may also be used in combination to prevent the skin from being dehydrated.

  In this year’s wave of cold currents, acne patients who have developed symptoms in their bodies should quickly find a dermatologist, take medication to relieve facial symptoms, and learn how to maintain their facial skin with proper maintenance methods.

In different seasons, as long as you use the right product in the correct way, I believe that you can live through every spring, summer, autumn and winter.

  Effective DIY acne mask: pearl powder + protein acne mask material: 10 grams of pearl powder, eggs One step: take a raw egg protein and mix it with 10 grams of pearl powder, apply it on the face, avoid the eyes andLips.

Apply as thick as possible, or it will dry out quickly and wash off in 15-20 minutes.

  Usage time: twice a weekEfficacy: Both pearl powder and egg white have the effect of calming and whitening the skin. When the two are used together as a mask, the skin will become smoother and acne marks will gradually change.light.
  Anti-acne and acne mask material: Fresh apple puree Production method: Take 1/3 fresh apples, chop and mash them into a sauce.

  How to use: Apply apple puree to the face, wipe the apple puree after 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water, and then rinse with cold water.

  Targeting at skin type: oily skin effect: it can balance the secretion of oil from the skin and soften the stratum corneum of the skin.

  Homemade mung bean acne mask is cold in nature, can cool blood and reduce inflammation, control oil and prevent acne, and lettuce has soothing and soothing beauty effects, helping to prevent and reduce acne caused by skin irritation.

Let mung beans and lettuce be a good partner to help you get rid of acne troubles.

  Materials: 2 tablespoons of mung bean flour, 3-5 fresh lettuce leaves, moderate amount of purified water.

  Tools: juicer, mask bowl, mixing spoon, measuring spoon.

  Production method: Wash the lettuce blade, put it into the juicer, squeeze the lettuce leaf juice, pour it into the mask bowl with mung bean powder and purified water, stir well, and mix thoroughly to make a thin and moderate paste, and set aside.

  Product recommendation: Herborist Shuying Acne Mask is delicate and smooth, which can deeply clean the skin, remove dirt and excess oil, long-term use can reduce oil secretion activity, fade mature acne and redness, eliminate and prevent acne, and make skin freeBreathe and stretch your pores.

  Netizen comment: Because it is pure Chinese medicine ingredients, Xiaobian used it with peace of mind.

For pure skin care products made of traditional Chinese medicine, don’t even want to ask for the effect at once. This is a long waiting time. The treatment of acne also requires a long process. Xiaobian also came here.

I chose it because it works well to clear the pores, and the deep cleansing effect is excellent, and the skin care steps can be absorbed well.

Is a cost-effective one!

  Product recommendation: La Roche-Posay Acne Clear Water Oil Balance Moisturizer effectively controls oil secretion, tightens pores, and prevents acne formation.

While controlling the oil, it replenishes the skin with moisture, restores the skin to a balanced state, is refreshing and non-greasy, gentle and safe, and is suitable for daily use.

  Xiaobian experience: It is because of acne that he began to pay attention to its products.

Acne Clear has tried this series of editors. It is the only one who appreciates this water and oil balance moisturizer. After using it, you will feel very moisturized, but it is not greasy at all, but the effect of removing acne is stillThere is still room for development.

If you are looking for a lotion that can control oil and moisturize in the summer, this will be a good choice for you.

  Product recommendation: CLARINS CLARINS refreshing and elegant cleansing gel gel paste, a unique clean and balanced formula, containing witch hazel and white plant tree essence, gently cleans the skin, regulates oil secretion, maintains the normal pH value, and tightens pores, so thatSkin is clean and comfortable.

  Xiaobian experience: Xiaobian’s most important requirement for cleansing products is cleanliness, but this cleansing eosinophil is very good, very comfortable and gentle to use, the foam is delicate and soft, very suitable for the current season.